Welcome to the Wikipedia Project Home Page

This site was home to a proof of concept software bundle sometimes called wikipgedia. The concept was that you could run the Wikipedia site using less disk space, with lower memory usage, and have better performance if you port it's backend code (known as MediaWiki) to focus on PostgeSQL as the backend database. The initial tests we ran (like importing the current wikipedia data into this code) showed positive results.

All that said, after some discussion and effort, we were able to get postgresql support working in mediawiki again, and we have focused our efforts on keeping that support up to date. We find that the sheer developer size of the mediawiki community, even if they aren't focused on postgresql, the additional focus on things like security issues makes this tradeoff worth it. So for now, we would recommend you install Mediawiki 1.8 or greater and makeuse of the PostgreSQL option. The more users we have on core mediawiki, the better for everyone.

The old pgFoundry page for the project is at http://pgfoundry.org/projects/wikipedia, where you can find downloads, documentation, bug reports, mailing lists, and a whole lot more.

One last thing, people have asked if we are anti-mysql, we're not. We believe in using the right tool for the job, and for high performance web applications, we find postgresql better fits our needs. It also fits the needs of small sites too, so we think that's where we need to put our primary focus. We're not the first to come up with this idea

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